Non NHS Fees

The services listed below are NOT covered by the NHS.

Charges for this private work are as follows:-

Private Works Price List
Firearms license £93.00
Private health insurance claim forms £47.00
Holiday cancellation form £42.00
PMA Reports £139.00
Occupational Health reports £85.00
Elderly driver examination £99.00
Employment examination and report £115.00
Examination for sports fitness £105.00
HGV Medical Examination £135.00
Other private medical examination (tests charged as extra) £135.00
Adoption/Fostering medical £156.00
Private consultation £130.00
Private visit £156.00
Power of attorney home visit £105.00
Additional charges for private medical examinations
ECG £21.00
Blood Test £16.00
Blood pressure £11.00
Urine dip £5.50
Police application forms (signature) £31.50
To whom it may concern letter £31.50
WDC Housing form £31.50
Printout's / Records
ECG - report on previous recording £47.00
ECG - copy of previous recording £31.50
Private prescription £20.00
Private certificate £20.00
Elderly Fitness to drive certificate £42.00
Private Medical insurance £70.00
Blue Badge £42.00
Fitness to travel £37.00
Fostering form £28.00
Power of attorney signature on form £42.00
Signature of passport or driving licence Not Available
Travel vaccinations and certificates (price per dose or cert)
Encephalitis - tick bourse (two dose course) £73.00
Encephalitis - Japanese (three dose course) £63.00
Hep B (usually 3 or 4 doses) (price per dose) £52.00
Meningitis A&C (private prescription + admin fee) £73.00
Yellow Fever (including certificate) £79.00
Vaccination certificate £21.00
Administration of Vaccination obtained through other means £26.00